• Hack the Brain

Hack the Brain was the UK's first hackathon devoted to the exploration of the brain and new technologies to interface with it. It was held within the framework of the NERRI Project, an EU-funded initiative to facilitate public engagement with neuroenhancement technologies.
The hackathon took place at Makerversity in Somerset House, London from 20-22 March 2015. The organisation was led by Imre Bard at the NERRI project's LSE team, with scientific support from Eddy Davelaar at Birkbeck University.

The two winning teams were Emography, a project to measure affective states and plot them in real-time on a map, and EyeWink, a system to control your smartphone using winks ;)
Eyewink was led by Davide Valeriani and Ana Matran-Fernandez. Emography was lead by Miranda Robbins.
Thanks to a collaboration with the London Science Museum, the winning projects could showcase their work at the You Have Been Upgraded festival.

Prizes and equipment were kindly provided by OpenBCI, META, and MyndPlay.
Special thanks to Conor Russomano, Peter Eduard and Marton Fodor!

You can read more about the hackathon here.

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